Leasing From Us

The Top Shelf Difference
We have, over the course of years in in real estate, experienced being tenants as well as owners.

We understand what it’s like to need a rental property – perhaps after an interstate or employment move, or during the process of building a new home. We can recall what it’s like to apply for a rental property, join the queue, attend home opens, pay a deposit in advance and wait anxiously while the owner and the property management take all the applications into account and make a decision.

We empathise with tenants and aim to make the process of applying for one of our quality rental properties as painless and stress-free as possible. After all, the lifeblood of our business is all about matching quality tenants with comfortable, well equipped and ideally situated properties.

We know that moving house can be stressful, time consuming and demanding. We can accommodate viewings after hours and process applications quickly. We choose our rental properties carefully, and ensure that each is handed over in excellent condition. You can expect a high standard of cleanliness including carpets, walls and windows fixtures and fittings checked and in working order. The garden will be presented in its best possible light.

When you take over the property, we will provide you wish a detailed and accurate property condition report. We will carry out regular routine inspection during your tenancy and any damage (including fair wear and tear) will be noted and documented.

Any requests for maintenance will be dealt with promptly and you will find that a high level of communication is right at the top of our list. We place a high value on relationships – and that means with tenants as well as owners.

The conclusion of each tenancy is a fair process with your bond refunded in a timely manner.