Our Services

Top Shelf Asset Management’s professional services include:

The key to your return on investment (ROI) is to attract reliable and quality tenants to your property and Top Shelf Asset Management is strong in this critically important area.

As a first resource, we draw from our database of pre-approved tenants for confidence and speed in finding the right tenant for your property. Additionally, we advertise home open times in popular media as well as making individual viewing appointments.
Enquiries are answered promptly and owners are kept up-to-date with progress. You can expect an update from Top Shelf twice a week during the leasing process.

Tenant Selection
The selection of suitable tenants is a demanding process that cannot be shortcut or compromised in any way. Top Shelf will thoroughly vet potential tenants so your offer of lease can be made with confidence and peace of mind.

Rental arrears
Top Shelf Asset Management has a zero tolerance policy on rent arrears. If rent is not paid by the due date, tenants are contacted within 24 hours and we continue to follow up with the tenant on a daily basis until the matter is resolved. You can expect us to be in communication with you on a regular basis throughout this process.

We will always recommend landlord insurance to cope with unexpected situations. The key to a successful claim is accurate information and supporting documentation.
If a tenant does have to be removed for failure to meet their obligations, you will find that the necessary action taken will be supported by our systems and paperwork. Thorough organisation is the backbone to effective action, and this is what Top Shelf Asset management delivers.

Routine Inspection
Regular routine inspections are conducted and a detailed report and photos supplied for each inspection. The routine inspection will not only give you feedback on how the property is being cared for but also report on the current and future maintenance that may be needed.

We strongly believe in preventative maintenance to keep every aspect of your investment property in sound working order. This will maximise your return on investment and also help to attract the best and most suitable tenants as preventative maintenance and a high quality look and feel in the property is an important ‘selling point’.

We can tailor a maintenance package/programme to suit your individual requirements together with plans and recommendations for renovating or refurbishing fixtures, fittings and other aspects of the property to maintain its value should you ultimately decide to sell.

We use state-of-the-art professional real estate accounting packages to account for all income and expenditure. Rental income is paid electronically into your nominated account on the last working day of each month and a statement is emailed to you at the same time together with copies of any accounts deducted for that month.
Keeping you up-to-date during the month with all information relating to your property meets our communications guidelines and leads to no surprises at the end of the month.