The Company

The all-embracing industry expression ‘property management’ is one thing, but protecting and nurturing assets requires a top level of expertise. The name of our company – Top Shelf Asset Management – has been chosen with great care and deliberation as an expression of this more savvy approach. As a family owned and operated business with our own assets under Top Shelf Management, we understand the critical importance of industry knowledge, professional expertise, clear communication and attention to detail.

The Primary Top Shelf Points of Difference

Uncompromising service and attention to detail;
As an owner you will be in direct contact with one of our highly experienced Senior Principals. They will always be accountable for the management of your property and will liaise with you personally;

Each member of our team can be counted on for their specialist industry knowledge and expertise;

We work to maintain the value of your property over time and that is part of our mantra and mission statement.

We like to work closely with our owners and build relationships that are mutually beneficial.
We apply the same care and attention to the assets of our clients as we direct to our own – we care about the fine detail and are prepared to go beyond the extra mile to provide extraordinary service to our property owners, investors and tenants alike.

It’s a policy that works, and as a result, Top Shelf Asset Management thrives on referrals, and testimonials.